The  serial numbers on these tractors were below the dash, on the fender pan.

They were a sticker, first hand written, then later on they were a stamped aluminum sticker. Some survived some did not. If they did survive, a lot of times, the were unlegable.


Now in 77 they put the I.D. tags on the frame , in the front on the left by the deck hanger front bolts. These were aluminum stamped tags riveted, not stickers. They held up very well.

How to determine the year?

Well , you can go by the engine number I.D. tag on the side of the Kohler engine.

Use this to determine the year on modern K series engine. You can download it below. Print if off and take it with you on your next tractor hunt, and then determine, if it is what the seller says it is.

Cant i use the I.D. tags to determine the year?

Well not exactly yet, but i am working on that. The serial number on the tractor was a generic number, basically separating models, what they had and what they came equipped with. Years is best to go buy the Engine plate. I know there could have been engine swaps, and you could actually change blower housings on the engine as well. Unless your a die hard,has to be numbers matching and it means that much to you. I personally could swap whatever out and you still would not know any different. So we honestly really dont know. A lot of fakes out there.

But anyhow, thats the best i can do right now, if anyone out there know of a list, or information, I would be happy to lend and ear.


The Oliver 165 , i built on the front page was a RESTOMOD. I did it on purpose, as a custom build. I wasn't going to take a 72-76 Ford/JAC and do it. Why? BECAUSE i can only imagine the Fakes out there. I seen a lot of 66-71 Olivers on the net. Guess what they didnt exist.

I seen Molines made out of JAC 1200. Check the I D. tags, it will say Oliver and Moline right on the tag.  Same goes with Ford and JACOBSEN, course the close sided tractors may say HOMELITE TEXTRON. But a close sided Ford will say Ford.

Do your research

If your unsure call me, email me if you have a question. I will help the best i can.

I had a gentlemen call me about a tractor he was looking at. He said it was a FORD open sided, but had a round hood. I said they only had the one hood, like on my site in the pictures. He said no way this is all original the owner said.

He showed me a picture of a GT12 Jacobsen painted blue with Ford stickers. Hope the guy didnt buy it???

An OLIVER 75( the little ones like a FORD LT 75) was sold at an auction. I guess it sold for $3500, which is normal for a restored Oliver mower now  a days. Heres the Kicker, someone posted the picture of the ID tag. Guess what it said? Yup you guessed it JACOBSEN. Boy is he gonna be mad when he finds out he just spent $3500 on a $400 lawnmower.

Oh by the way check the net, the grilles on the little Olivers, they are different from the Jacobsens.

These are stories with no names, so didnt get offended. But if you do, well...we will just leave it at that.


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